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And Then There Were...

2016 was a quiet blogging year for me. Spring and Fall were both busy with Parent Council tasks I took on, we traveled East in the Summer, and I gave myself a "freebie" -- no pressure to produce this year, only writing if I felt I had something to say.

I have something to say now.

Sorry to keep you all in suspense, but I had a good ultrasound (for the most part). There's a real live baby in there, with a real live beating heart. Yay! That said, I'm still not totally stress-free about this whole pregnancy thing.

[WARNING: potential TMI about ovaries, weird pregnancy head stuff, and to-do lists]

Regarding my news of last week, I was on the right track by not getting excited about stuff. Two blood tests and a whole lot of gravity later, it was pretty apparent that this pregnancy wasn't going to stick. All things considered, short of being annoyed at my body not working the way that it should, I think I'm a little relieved...